Hancock avoids apologising over PM remarks on care homes

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5 個月前
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has praised the 'amazing work' of care homes during the coronavirus pandemic following Boris Johnson's recent remarks on correct procedures not being followed. .
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    Residents should be able to feel safe and secure. Have on site health care 24/7. High quality and fresh meals multiple times a day. High staff to resident ratio. There own clean and comfortable room with ensuite and tv. Easy access for visitors and phone calls. Plenty of room to socialise with the other residents. And most important, it should be free for the resident to live there.

    Hang on, sounds like i just described a British "prison".
    For fantastic care during retirement the elderly are better off committing a crime and getting locked up. But it must be a serious crime to ensure a custodial sentence.
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    A Care Home is just that a Home Its is not and never has been a Hospital, They don't do Hip Ops or cancer treatment in a care home. SO why does this prat defend the indefensible What Bojo SAID was a disgrace .... no evidence no proof but by saying that he was able to deflect shi* away from his own mistakes and then he promises to sort it all out !!!! They Basically had not got a clue. A 1/3 of the world were dealing with the virus ..... and we failed to learn from them because this prat thought it would get here, if did we'd cope, because you let everyone get it and it will be alright. But it wasn;t and we didn't do a thing we said we would ... No Track and Trace ( and still don't) no strategy and still don't all we have are 5 point plans created after the event so they can meet the aims!!!!! Wow I'll wait until the ball stops and pick red or black to suit the outcome ..........
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    Don Allan
    The politicians seem to have learned from other countries.

    Yeah, how to lie and bulls!£t figures.

    Just tell the British public anything, don't apolgise when things go wrong and just ignore them when they show concern. They've got to wait for years to get a chance to change anything and by then we will have told them a load of other BS which they will believe and we will get in for another four years of cocking things up.

    British politics.
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    What a bunch of sycophants all bowing to the Cummings
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