Johnson blasts Corbyn during a campaign speech

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2 個月前
Boris Johnson said the leaked comments made by shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth were proof Labour was losing votes over its Brexit stance. The prime minister said Britain could be led by Jeremy Corbyn on Friday morning, who he labelled a "Hamas-backing, IRA-supporting, anti-Semitism-condoning appeaser of the Kremlin". .
Derek3 小時前
Hope she wins , that's the Tories safe for another 10 years
Bjl11 小時前
I wonder what the real agenda with this banging on about cli...更多
Peter4419 小時前
If Richard Burgon becomes Deputy Leader, then the Labour Par...更多
John1 天前
As a descendant of Saxe Coburg Gothas, the Nazi supporters, ...更多
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