Kwarteng: Juncker's Brexit comments are 'really encouraging'

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1 年前
Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng has said that it is a "really encouraging sign" that Jean-Claude Juncker has said Brexit will happen and that a deal is achievable.
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    Was it the Drunker or Sober Juncker that made the reported statement.
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    Was that before or after drinking whisky?
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    I can't see how, Boris has said how many times for them to remove the backstop, and everytime said No. As for another solution fire it, I doubt it, unless it gives the EU what THEY want!
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Europe, for saying something encouraging!
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    It would be very silly of us if we believe much of what Junker says at the end of the day if there is a slight change it will still ONLY favour the EU very careful Boris and do not whatever you do allow the deal that MAY made be any part of your decision to agree any deal as if you do kiss goodbye to your political career you have been warned
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    Kwasi Kwarteng has to be the worst government spokesperson since the Truss.
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    Well, no deal will happen, that is certain. Johnson and his idiotic advisors do not have a plan how to solve the backstop problem. Juncker is a diplomat and all he DID say was when asked whether a deal was possible was 'I think'. He did not elabortate other than later stating that the solution will have to meet ALL THE OBJECTIVES of the backstop. And the DUP will prevent it.
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    Kwarteng, what a nasty horrible man.
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