McDonnell: Andrew should 'co-operate' with US authorities

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8 個月前
John McDonnell has urged Prince Andrew to co-operate with US authorities over allegations of sexual impropriety. The Shadow Chancellor also added that he didn't think the BBC interview was particularly "wise" or "forthright" and the best thing to do now was to "let the truth be seen".
  • j
    im so angry at this Labour want Andrew to cooperate with the usa when they have snubbed a murderer going back to the usa after running down a lad on his bike and they will do nothing we should do the same and make Andrew a Diplomat see how they like it
  • N
    And what about the Labour party telling the truth for just once!
  • B
    what about the kid that was killed by the US lady who fled the country and whom the US authorities will not give up? Tell the US to go forth and multiply
    until they are prepared to give up US citizens who commit crimes in the UK.
    Is there nobody in the Foreign office with any balls these days or do we simply roll over for the yanks every time?
  • P
    I think the bastelero remainder shyte John McDonnell should co-operate' with police and authorities over his communist activities
  • R
    Another bandwagon, the Labour(Marxist) party are so transparent, the upper percentile are not so easily fooled.
  • F
    Perfect example of why McDonnell and Corbyn must NEVER get near government. There is a centuries old understanding that the monarchy NEVER gets involved in politics and vice versa. #$%$ McDonnell should reflect on his own past, with his incitements to riot, murder threats and the like first before making comments like this.
  • g
    A 42 year old headmaster dismissed for having sex with two 17 year old boys is subsequently paid £700,000 in compensation for wrongful dismissal,
    Can one presume Prince Andrew would be OK if he preferred having sex with 17 year old boys because sex with 17 year old young women is illegail, I thought the age of consent was 16 but clearly I am wrong.
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    Paula K
    What's it got to do with you, McDonut, you Z-list Communist no hoper?
  • H
    aye he should .. and the #$%$ that fled back to the usa after killing an innocent driver by driving on the wrong side of the road should also co-operate with uk authorities.. and while were at it the us embassy can pay all the fines they have racked up for driving in the congestion zones and illegal parking
  • G
    This mans inflated ego is just beyond belief. Who does he think he is ? Most of us already know !! (cannot be printed!!)
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