McDonnell: PM's letter to Corbyn a 'publicity stunt'

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22 天前
John McDonnell has said he believes Boris Johnson's letter to Jeremy Corbyn asking him whether he has made his mind up on Brexit is a "publicity stunt". The prime minister wrote to the Labour leader ahead of tonight's debate. Mr McDonnell said he hopes Mr Johnson leaves his usual bluster behind and engages in the debate.
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    It's still a valid question though !
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    If corbyn wanted Brexit he would have listened to HIS Labour supporters. It was former grassroot Labour supporters that pushed us through to that small majority win. Corbyn turned his back on them and now he with his shadow cabinet are on their way out. Good Riddance.
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    Today McDonnell said in a TV interview that we would see the 'real' dynamic Jeremy Corbyn at the debate tonight. Can someone tell me where who has been playing the part of Jeremy Corbyn for the last few years?
    I will certainly be watching to see if I can spot the difference!
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    Labour keep staging publicity stunts. By the promises they know they can't keep to win the general election.
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    Corbyn and McDoughnut between them continue to sabotage Labours chances by providing "alice in Blunderland" policies that no one wants and no one will vote for. How much are the Tories paying you John?
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    Is it just me or does McDonnell look and behave like the Warden in Dad's Army?
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    Well you certainly blustered your way through that mcdonnell , three years or more the public have been completely in the dark about corbyns mindset on brexit
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    Labour's Brexit policy = Remain OR Remain minus representation.
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    Flip-Flop Corbyn, still ca't make his mind up.
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    The deadly J.McD & his pious fanatic Corbyn fans will NOT blackmail us morally by constantly bringing up the homeless, poverty etc. NOTHING would be more self harming to ALL of us than these. They are currently ensuring all candidates are Corbynistas therefore taking this opportunity to dispense of all centre left M.P's. The Labour party is now totally finished with Corbyn's approval, It is now a commi party & they make no excuses for what they are doing,
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