People queue for haircuts as lockdown is eased in England

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1 個月前
Hairdressers and barber shops around England are open for business as lockdown measures have been eased.
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    Most didn't look like they needed a haircut. My last cut was in February and the barber couldn't stop laughing when he saw mine. I looked like Cousin IT. He said it was a joy to cut mine because it was therapeutic!
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    I wouldn't queue for a hair cut in normal times. When I go to the barbers, if there are more than two people sitting waiting for their turn, I go away and come back another time.
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    Bit of a shame: it was nice to be shot of all the "look at me" haircuts.
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    save money and cut your own hair or ask your wife to cut your hair
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    I hate queuing. I wouldn't even queue for an emergency heart procedure
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