PM bars advisers from answering questions on Cummings

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4 個月前
Prime Minister Boris Johnson stopped his top scientific and medical advisers, Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, answering questions about Dominic Cummings at today's daily briefing.
  • a
    anthony e
    Why should they answer questions about cummings,thats not their subjects,Boris was right.
  • D
    Quite right too.political questions to experts in their field.Like asking a car mechanic if its acceptable to leave a cake cooking for more than an hour.Might have something to say but not in his area of expertise
  • p
    And will our pathetic media agree to drop the Cummings case now that Downing Street have said a line must be drawn under it? You bet.
    No wonder journos are as despised as the politicians they are supposed to challenge
  • H
    Well he must have ran out of MP's to shame with his porkies and no one else will play his game.
  • M
    They haven’t been schooled at Tory central office how to lie and waffle.......that’s the long and short of it
  • k
    keith s
    People suspect Kuennsberg is soft on Cummings and she trying to convince us she isnt. Let it go silly lady.
  • S
    If anything the last six days have shown what a bunch of rabid blood hounds the Liberal press are. Sky news 24 hours a day, among others, for six days banging on about Cummings!! I bet they gave the Iraq war less coverage. It's appalling!
  • c
    i wonder were cummings has been cummings to promote such support for such a pathetic excuse for his insulting behaviour
  • T
    they should have told him to get stuffed and said what they think, whats he going to do,he can try and sack them for telling the truth, very stupid, he could try telling the truth himself, never going to happen or he could hide in a big fridge shut the door and freeze his cobblers off
  • c
    Mr Johnson you ought to be ashamed of yourself for the sly underhanded way you have conducted yourself in this Cummings affair. you may have fooled a lot of the public who are thick enough to believe you but please don't insult our intelligence. You have tried to sweep your #$%$ under the carpet but take note that that CRAP will come out and haunt you.
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