Reactions outside court as Heathrow lose third runway ruling

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1 個月前
Campaigners celebrated outside the High Court in London on Thursday after winning a Court of Appeal ruling over plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport on environmental grounds. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Hillingdon Council Leader Ray Puddifoot, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and barrister for Friends of the Earth David Wolfe all gave their reaction to the ruling.
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    Andy S
    When the last runway and last terminal were planned, promises of NO Runway 3 were made - glad the courts are enforcing their promises.
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    well done all you tree huggers , now give up your mobile phones and other electronics , your cars , #$%$ winter imported friut and veg etc !!!!
Jakob14 小時前
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Jim17 小時前
Ministers being very patient with a petulant and sometimes t...更多
adamandevebar18 小時前
Very glad to hear.......from Canada.
SeaJay21 小時前
It is not LAW - you'd think a copper would know the differen...更多
John1 天前
A very dodgy woman-sacked from May's government for having c...更多
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