Starmer: PM 'weak' through Cummings saga

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1 個月前
Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson's handling of Dominic Cummings row, describing him as 'weak'. He further criticised Mr Johnson for preventing government advisers from answering press questions at today's briefing. .
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    Shouldn’t point fingers about being weak, check your own lot first.
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    At least 4 Labour MPs have blatantly broken lockdown rules. Starmer and MSM quiet on that. Just shows how this is just political.
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    Starmer weak through Kinnock saga
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    anthony e
    Has Starmer done anything about Stephen Kinnock,driving to Wales ,being arrested for attending a protest in trafalgar square,NO,has he said anything about Ian Blackford SNPMP Mouthpiece driving to Scotland over 300 mile and on to Isle of Skye ,NO
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    The man who said he would always stand up for his staff when he was head of the CPS, yet he doesn't expect the PM to.
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    We are still waiting to hear what you intend to do a outside Stephen Kinnock! We are all judged by our actions in life and so far to date yours are not very good!To go back a little you refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville and grooming gangs in labour controlled areas.You lied to labour voters when you said you would honour the democratic referendum result. The majority of labour voters in most labour constituencies voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU Dictatorship. You betrayed and ignored them by going to Brussels to meet Junker and ask how you could help sabotage and overturn the decision to leave.Furthermore for the last four years you have been trying to keep us under their complete control! More lately after you got elected to the leadership you said that you would not play political games and work with the government for the greater good of our country! Yet an other lie and you expect the British electorate to believe and trust you ? No way you lies and treachery will be remembered at election time!
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    Didn't hear Starmer say anything when Labour Cronies were doing the same thing?

    The left are funny like that. Its called Hypocrisy.
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    I wonder if Starmer is having an affair with Dianne Abbot on the side?
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    I would love to know what dianne abbot has Been up to
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    Starmer is a Corbyn mark 2, with no beard and no history of touching up small boys (until it gets published).
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