Sturgeon presser

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2 個月前
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has explained how the quantification of coronavirus death rate in Scotland will now be carried out. In her daily briefing, she explained that death reporting would now include both confirmed and presumed cases in all settings, including hospitals and community deaths. 126 deaths have now been confirmed to be caused by complications of Covid-19 in Scotland. .
macone22 分鐘前
Photographers standing side by side, no social distancing, o...更多
John5 分鐘前
Brilliant! What next? Clap for government advisors?
Tony12 小時前
1. Dominic Cummings, one of the few men to have ever been fo...更多
andrew14 小時前
Starmer weak through Kinnock saga
anthony e14 小時前
Why should they answer questions about cummings,thats not th...更多
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