Sunak: Support package one of the most generous in the world

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1 個月前
UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak says the government support to people's jobs and businesses amount to £130bn making it one of the most generous and comprehensive packages in the world.
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    These "packages" should be funded by.....
    Scrapping child benefit (if you can't afford them don't have them!),
    Scrapping jobseekers allowance (most are NOT seeking a job!),
    Scrapping foreign aid (most of it ends up as weapons or drugs!),
    Scrapping HS2 (we'll never afford it now and DON'T want China to help!),
    Scrapping Heathrow's 3rd runway (the airline industry will never recover!),
    Workers to return furlough money (had a long enough paid holiday!),
    Increase all fines to £1,000 minimum (it HAS to be a deterrent!),
    Increase corporation tax on Chinese companies (as THEY caused COVID-19!),
    Introduce VERY high tariffs on Chinese goods (we NEED to make here!),
    Get HMRC to check Chinese takeaways (most take cash that doesn't go through the till and they also launder money!).
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    Keep printing money that doesn't exist and dilute the value of our currency.

    This debt will never be repaid, taxes are going to have the biggest increase in history and what was it all for???

    To save a tiny percentage of the world who were already dying and give them a few more weeks or months.
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    Whatever the Chancellor proposes to do it will not be enough for the Liebour Party. Good to know they are still not point scoring. How much did that idiot Brown sell off our gold reserves at rock bottom price, plus what he stole out of pension dividends. Look who Liebour have appointed shadow Chancellor, borrow, borrow and more borrow.
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