Witnesses describe scene after mosque attack

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1 個月前
Witnesses describe the scene at London Central Mosque in Regent's Park after a man was stabbed. Scotland Yard say the stabbing is not being treated as terror related.
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    According to a spokesman from the mosque who was interviewed on the radio today, "Unlike other places of worship that have lists of members anybody can go into a mosque and pray"
    WRONG only muslims can pray in a mosque as long as they are not female, although some mosques do have separate places for women. ANYBODY including muslims, atheists, pagans ANYBODY can go into any church and pray and churches do not have a membership system
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    Why are we not allowed to comment on this?
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    Why is it when someone attacks muslims its all over the news how everyone rallies around in sympathy but when someone attacks none muslims the muslim community remains silent?
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