Kamala Harris gets some star power in Ghana visit

STORY: U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visited a music studio in Accra during a visit to Ghana she was joined by actors Idris Elba and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

[U.S. Vice President, Kamala Harris]

'What is happening here is changing the way people kind of enjoy themselves and think of their expression. And there is so much about our ability to receive music that is about receiving universal language, and that is also what you are doing here. You are speaking in a way that around the globe people hear songs that are rooted in concepts like freedom.'

[Actor, Idris Elba]

'I was invited to the African Leadership Summit at the last minute to come along, and ass some razzmatazz, I guess. But what happened was that I found myself in the middle of, you know, a lot of conversations around the creative arts industry, what they call the orange economy, which is a very big economy that has a lot of growth potential in Africa'