What do we know about Lachlan Murdoch's politics?

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STORY: With Lachlan Murdoch named the successor for his father's media empire...

The question, now, is this:

What does the future look like for Fox - and News Corp?

(February 2, 2011)

RUPERT MURDOCH: "New times demand new journalism..."

And will Lachlan keep up his father's conservative legacy?

Lachlan is Rupert Murdoch's eldest son.

And has been chief executive of Fox since 2019.

He doesn't speak publicly about his politics, according to the New York Times magazine.

But it cited a 2016 memoir as saying,

(Source: Chris Mitchell, "Making Headlines")

“Lachlan’s conservatism is more vigorous than that of any Australian politician.”

...adding that his views were usually to the right of his father’s - who's known for his conservative views.

RICK WILSON: "And I think that's the legacy...."

This is Rick Wilson, who co-founded the anti-Trump Republican Lincoln Project.

"Rupert Murdoch had a profound effect on the conservative movement in America in terms of splitting the conservative movement away from its traditional principles of individual responsibility, limited government, the rule of law, and encouraging a newer version, a more modern version of authoritarian populism that was much more driven by conspiracy theories."

Lachlan takes over the Murdoch empire as the media industry is battered by challenges.

Ranging from the decline in traditional television viewership... to news organizations battling tech companies over alleged copyright theft in the age of artificial intelligence.

JON MILLER: “What many people want to see is, is how Lachlan will lead on his own…”

Former CEO of News Corp digital media Jon Miller worked with him.

"I think Rupert may just be about the last of the founder moguls in the media business." // "And I think he'll try to recraft a larger enterprise."

What’s more, Lachlan’s continuing rein over Fox comes as the network is losing conservative viewers…

After Fox’s once mutually beneficial relationship with Donald Trump broke down after the 2020 election.

Fox executives at the time pushed back against false claims the election was stolen.

But one former Trump advisor says the Murdoch shake-up could offer an opportunity to reset the relationship.