Kosovo's president blames Serbia for deadly shootout

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STORY: The deadly gun battle has prompted new international concern over stability in Kosovo, which has an ethnic Albanian majority and declared independence from Serbia in 2008 after a guerrilla uprising and a 1999 NATO intervention.

"The group simply exercised the intentions and the motives of Serbia as a country and Vucic as the leader," Osmani said to Reuters in an interview at her office on Thursday (September 28).

Osmani said Serbia still has territorial claims against Kosovo and was acting to accomplish a 'Crimea model' by creating tensions in Kosovo's north where some 50,000 local Serbs still see Belgrade as their capital and reject rule from Pristina.

Serbia, which has not recognized its former province's independence, blames Kosovo for precipitating violence by mistreating ethnic Serb residents, a charge Kosovo denies.