Lad, five, convinced his white dad is actually black - and won't be told otherwise

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A mum was left confused after seeing her son's video game version of their family - with a black dad. Charlotte Hayes, 23, spotted Jasper Hayes, five, happily playing Toca Life: Town. But when she looked closer she was confused - as the youngster had made his parents multiracial. Jasper's dad Sam Pritchard, 23, a labourer, is white. Charlotte, a freelance creative from Folkestone, Kent, says relatives found the situation hilarious. She said: "I was confused - but I thought it was really funny and sweet. "I have no idea why he thinks his dad is black. "I think it may be when I explained to him that some black people have lighter skin, some have albinism too. "I think maybe he’s just assumed Sam’s tan and curly hair means he’s black." Little Jasper has been told that his family are white. But, months on from the explanation, he still believes he's part of a multiracial family. Charlotte said: "I’m not sure how long before he told me he thought Sam was black. "But that was a couple of months ago now and since I’ve told him he isn’t black, he obviously still believes he is for some reason. "I just laughed and told him Sam’s a white British man with white parents." Friends, family and people online have all found the moment very funny. Charlotte said: "This hasn't caused any problems. "My friends and family find it hilarious. "Most people online find it absolutely hilarious, especially considering not only is he sheet white like myself, but is also blonde with bright blue eyes. The video was captured on May 21.