Spain’s women’s team set off a revolution, says local club

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STORY: Young women at this local Spanish soccer club

feel a rights revolution has been set off by the national team’s boycott

Location: Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Spain

(Gisela Rubio, Soccer player)

"I think that we are in a revolution and at a point where the professional players have said that's enough and this has been reflected in the other girls who play soccer in less professional competitions. I feel it's a step forward."

Spain’s players previously said they would not represent their nation

until leadership changes were made at the country’s football federation

after former RFEF chief Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips at the World Cup

(Marc Carod, Sant Esteve Sesrovires coach)

“I think that kiss, although it is strange to say so, that kiss has made everything kick off and that the girls are at least now being listened to . And I am also convinced that things will get better. It can't get worse, it's going to get better."