Ugandan Arsenal Fans Celebrate Win Over Manchester United Shortly Before Arrests in Jinja

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Police in Uganda arrested at least eight soccer fans who were celebrating in the city of Jinja on Monday, January 23, following Arsenal’s win against Manchester United, according to Uganda’s public broadcaster.

Public broadcaster UBC said the fans were charged with a public order offense. However, a later report by Freeman News said they would be released without charge.

UBC said police require clearance before processions are held.

Video filmed by Sirus Ziki of Radio 4 Uganda shows fans cheering “Arsenal” as they drove down Main Street in Jinja on Monday. Several of the people seen in this video were later detained by authorities.

Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-2 on Sunday to go five points clear at the top of the Premier League. Credit: Sirus Ziki/Radio 4 Uganda via Storyful