Cheeky Rescue Cat Spills Water All Over New Flooring

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A mischievous cat was captured on video splattering water all over newly installed floor boards after dislodging the top part of his drinking fountain on March 23.

Video caught on Matthew Schwarz’s home security camera shows Tonkatsu, the trouble causing feline, grab hold of the top part of the water fountain. Water quickly pools around the water fountain as Tonkatsu hurries to return the water outlet to its original position.

Schwarz told Storyful that Tonkatsu, lovingly nicknamed Tonkinator, had “adopted” his home when he was found hiding under the family porch two and a half years ago. Tonkatsu is estimated to be about three and a half years old and has a penchant for knocking over humidifiers and potted plants. Credit: Matthew Schwarz via Storyful