Luke Skywalker Lookalike 'Forces' Snapping Turtle off Bike Path

1 年前

An Ohio man known locally for his resemblance to Star Wars actor Mark Hamill used a stick – and probably Jedi powers of persuasion – to convince a snapping turtle to move from the middle of a bike trail in Loveland over the summer.

JT Stevens, a Luke Skywalker cosplayer who uses his resemblance to Hamill to raise money for charity, can be seen in the video carefully pushing the turtle from behind until it is safely across the trail.

“I know a lot of bikers use the trail and often at high speeds,” he told Storyful. “Sometimes they glance down at their phones to change a song or something like that, and at 25 mph, they could be right on top of that snapping turtle in seconds, without even realizing it.”

He said he gently used a stick to avoid losing a finger.

“The turtle most likely came from the Little Miami River,” he said. “I do not know where it was headed. Perhaps to eat some pizza with four other turtles in a local sewer.” Credit: @1flukeskywalker via Storyful