Majestic lion stuffs himself on wildebeest, walks away satisfied

1 年前
Lions are referred to as the "King of Beasts". They are the top predators on the African plains, fearing very little. Only a large pack of determined hyenas can threaten a full grown lion. Even then, the hyenas would need to corner a lion on his own to have a chance of taking one down. This lion has feasted on a wildebeest, one of their preferred meals, and he has gorged himself on the meat. The rest of the pride will eat when the dominant male has finished. They wait patiently, in most cases until it is safe to move in for the leftovers. With a full belly, this alpha male casually strolls away. This lion lives on a large expanse of land in Kenya that is protected from hunters and poachers. The animals roam freely here, living without interference from humans. The balance of nature is as it is intended to be, and the wildebeest has met its fate. Although it is a tragic end for the prey, it is survival for the predators. As the sun comes up on the plain, animals here know that they must run to survive. This is the law of nature and it cannot be ignored.