Messi receives threat as family business shot up

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STORY: Gunmen left a threatening letter for Lionel Messi – after shooting at a business owned by his family in Argentina.

It happened in the town of Rosario in Santa Fe province...

where the city's mayor says two people on motorcycles opened fire at a supermarket Thursday morning.

The front of the building was hit by 14 bullets... and the hand-written note left behind read: "Messi, we are waiting for you."

It went on to say the city's mayor, Pablo Javkin, is a "narc" who will not take care of him.

Javkin is attributing the incident to organized crime, blaming security forces for failing to deal with the issue, which has grown in recent years.

The incident has reopened a debate on the wave of drug violence in the region.

Argentina's Security Minister Anibal Fernandez said the attack was 'typical.'

"If I tell you that they have been in this situation for 20 years, do you think they have not won? They have won. Now, it has to be reversed."

Argentina's President also reacted to the news, saying he's asked local officials to do more against violence.

The supermarket belongs to family of Antonela Roccuzzo – Messi's wife.

Local media say they had not received any previous threats.

The murder rate in Rosario is among the highest in Argentina.