New Mexico Sheriff Announces 'Feline Division' as April Fools' Day Prank

3 年前

The San Juan Sheriffs Office announced the addition of a new feline division to their department in New Mexico, in an April Fools’ Day video released on April 1.

Footage taken at their department in Aztec, New Mexico, shows an officer leading a cat, decked out in police gear, around the department, while a voiceover lists the merits of feline officers.

“The San Juan Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the implementation of their new feline program,” the voiceover says. “In an effort to cut down on spending, this new, cutting-edge program will use police cats to work alongside deputies.”

The voiceover notes the cat’s extra eight lives allow for bravery in particularly dangerous situations, despite the occasional cat nap on the job. Credit: San Juan Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico via Storyful