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It's no secret that multiple myeloma has hit very close to home in the baseball community. The late Don Baylor lived with multiple myeloma for more than 14 years & remained steadfast in his commitment to the game through coaching while living with the disease for over a decade. Whether on or off the field, it's important to have a plan - especially when managing a cancer diagnosis like multiple myeloma. That's why 12-time MLB All-Star and Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield, 10-time MLB All-Star and former league MVP Steve Garvey, as well as the late Don Baylor's son, Don Baylor Jr., are rallying together with Amgen to launch a new awareness campaign, Myeloma MVP. The Myeloma MVP campaign is aimed to help patients with multiple myeloma create their Most Valuable Plan to best manage the disease.
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