Mother and child among dead in latest Kyiv strikes

STORY: The grieving husband of a woman killed during Russian missile strikes on Kyiv overnight into Thursday (June 1) is saying that they had tried to get to their local bomb shelter during the attacks, but no one could open the door.

There were women and children trying to get in, he says, when debris from a missile fell around them.

Authorities say several people were killed in the incident including a young girl and her mother -- the 18th such attack by Russia on the city since the start of May. Russia has increased its missile and drone attacks on Kyiv in recent weeks ahead of the expected counteroffensive from Ukrainian forces.

In this attack, the Ukrainian military says Russia used 10 missiles and all of them were shot down, but the city's mayor, Vitali Klitschko, says a fragment caused the deaths.

"For weeks now Russia has been sending kamikaze drones and missiles to our hometown and a lot of buildings are destroyed. We have a big number of people who have injuries and of course people are very angry. People are angry. It is not the war, it is genocide against Ukraine, against Ukrainian people from Russia."

Russia has accused Ukraine's' forces of increasing their own shelling on border regions in recent weeks, including wounding eight people Thursday.

Meanwhile, as fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russia's Wagner Group mercenary organization says his fighters will finally leave the ruins of the city of Bakhmut on June 5, after handing control of it to Russian government troops.

This video was taken during night time training drills. The pullout began May 25 and was originally slated for completion by June 1.

Prigozhin says the mercenaries will rest for about a month. He also continued his constant criticism of Russia's military brass, saying that his forces shouldn't have to operate alongside what he called "clowns" who turn people into meat.