Motorist has very Canadian reaction to bad drivers in intersection

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7 個月前
Road rage is becoming all too common in our world lately. Everybody is in a hurry and patience seems to be wearing thin. We've all seen people lose their temper over seemingly minor or innocent mistakes. And we've all seen videos that show people resorting to violence or extremely dangerous behaviour in retaliation for a driving mistake, such as being cut off or impeded in their desire to get somewhere quickly. This is an intersection in Ontario, Canada. Canadian drivers make their share of mistakes, whether intentional or not, and getting through a day without being blocked or cut off by somebody in another car is a feat, even here. But Canadians are known for their politeness more than anything else, and for their habit of apologizing, even when the situation is not their fault. Canada will never be the superpower of the world, and it will likely never be the most wealthy country in the world, but it might just be one of the happiest and most polite places on the face of the earth. It's no surprise when this motorist reacts the way he does in the face of two potentially maddening errors within seconds in the same intersection, by two different drivers. As the light turns red for opposing traffic, a small SUV sails through the intersection with the driver seemingly oblivious to the error of their ways. There is no cursing or honking, and no squealing of tires. The motorists at the intersection all calmly wait and watch the light turn green for them. But another surprise occurs for the motorist with the camera. The car coming toward him is turning left and she suddenly pulls into the intersection in front of him. He steps on his brake and again, we hear no harsh words and no hint of anger. But what does come out of his mouth is a very stereotypical apology and a pleasant comment that the offending driver is perfectly welcome to proceed first. As if she is able to hear his comment, she raises her hand in another typically Canadian fashion. It is a wave that seems to say "sorry" or "thank you" or perhaps convey some other friendly message. She certainly doesn't expect frustration or hostility and she is not dishing any out herself. Canadians are jokingly referred to the as people who will apologize to you when you step on THEIR toe. And the word "sorry" is rumoured to be the most frequently used word in a Canadian's vocabulary. These motorists prove that this is very often the case. Wouldn't we all do better to let the little things roll off our backs like these folks!
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