Generation AI: the only way is up

10 個月前

STORY: From a soaring valuation for the firm behind ChatGPT, to why Hollywood writers agreed to go back to work, this is Generation AI.

ChatGPT users can now browse the web for up to date information.

Previously, they could only access data from before September 2021.

Meanwhile, sources say OpenAI is talking to investors about selling existing shares at a much higher valuation than a few months ago.

The Wall Street Journal says that could see the startup valued at up to $90 billion.

John Grisham could get his day in court.

A trade group that represents him and other big-name writers is suing OpenAI.

The suit by the Authors Guild says ChatGPT was unlawfully trained on their work.

OpenAI says everything it did complied with copyright laws.

Hollywood writers are going back to work, after striking a deal that includes protections over AI content.

Alongside other measures, studios won’t be allowed to require creatives to use the tech, and will have to disclose when material was generated by AI.

But that doesn’t guarantee a similar deal for striking actors and their union, SAG.

Entertainment writer Sean McNulty:

“So, AI is a much, arguably, a bigger issue for an actor to a degree than maybe even a writer. Maybe just as big. But it's a different set of parameters of protections that they need. So whatever the writers got for AI, it may apply, but it may not be 'apples for apples' to SAG.”

And Microsoft has a new AI tool for consumers.

Called Copilot, it works with products like the Bing search engine and Edge browser.

Microsoft plans to charge users an extra monthly fee for the product.