Man finds spider in his pulled pork sandwich

9 年前
A video has emerged of a spider found encrusted in a sandwich purchased in Bolton, UK. The footage, shot earlier this month, shows the sandwich, from which the filmer took a bite, with a huge spider pressed in the bottom bun. "Greenhalghs customer service felt £5 was a sufficient goodwill gesture for this incident. So I decided to place this on social media for all to witness," the filmer later wrote online. Sandra Ogden, head of retail and marketing for the bakery said: 'We have carried out a full and thorough investigation, and we naturally regret that any customer has cause to be dissatisfied with any of our products and again may I repeat our deepest apologies. 'We maintain an extensive HACCP system which identifies major critical controls at all points. 'No system is 100 percent foolproof. Even though we aim at 100 percent success rate, in excess of one million items are produced at the bakery each week and we sometimes fall short of the perfect standard. 'We are also regularly audited by the Environmental Health Department of Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council. 'It is our intention to offer products of the highest quality and where we sometimes fall short of this target, it is our normal practice to offer vouchers as a gesture of goodwill."