Paraglider's 150-Foot Fall Caught on Video

ABC News Videos
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6 年前
A man has miraculously survived after plunging 150 feet in a paragliding accident in Florida. Damien LeRoy was injured and airlifted to hospital for treatment when he fell from his motorised paraglider along a beach. A nearby beachgoer captured the moment on film as LeRoy plummeted towards the sand. Police officers found LeRoy between two beach walkovers. LeRoy is a professional kiteboarder and a former Olympic and GoPro athlete. Friends of his told West Palm Beach TV that the only reason he survived was due to his exceptional experience. “He knew when to jump,” friend Jon Modica said. “He’s been professional in multiple sports, I think it’s a pretty freak accident He’s probably the only one who would be able to come out of that as minimally scathed as he has.” The witness who filmed LeRoy jumping told reporters it was “hard to watch” the moment as it unfolded in front of him. “I honestly wasn’t sure if he hit the road or not,” Adnrew Volde said. “I wasn’t sure if he was going to be okay.” LeRoy has reportedly suffered several broken bones and is now out of surgery. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the accident. (Text: Yahoo 7 News)
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