Batman wins EU trademark fight with Italian foe

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STORY: The caped crusader has defeated another foe.

Batman won a trademark battle with an Italian designer on Wednesday (June 7).

A European court in Luxembourg ruled that the bat logo is distinctive enough to warrant protection in the bloc.

“The General Court hereby first, dismisses the action second orders Mr Luigi Aprile and Commerciale Italiana to pay the cost.”

DC Comics had registered the logo with the EU more than two decades ago.

But it faced a challenge from an Italian designer who wanted to use the symbol on clothing and carnival goods.

After EU officials rejected that, Commerciale Italiana took its fight to the bloc’s General Court, its number two judicial body.

The firm argued that the bat logo lacked any distinctive character.

But the court ruled that insufficient evidence was provided to back the claim.

The Italian firm now has the option to appeal to the EU’s top court.

For now though, it looks like another win for the Dark Knight.