Biden to visit California as severe storms fade

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STORY: Californians may have felt like the day would never come.

But the parade of deadly storms known as atmospheric rivers finally faded on Monday after pounding the state for three weeks.

The Golden State can now begin what’s set to be lengthy repairs to damaged levees and roads, like this one in the central coastal town of Pescadero.

Though authorities warned, mud and rockslides are still a risk in steep areas as the ground remains saturated.

U.S. President Joe Biden will be surveying the damage in California’s central coast on Thursday, the White House said.

He'll meet first responders, visit affected towns, and "assess what additional federal support is needed."

It comes after he approved federal emergency funding earlier in the month, and on Saturday authorized major disaster aid for Merced, Sacramento and Santa Cruz counties.

The “river in a sky” weather systems have flooded the state with nine heavy rainstorms in a row since December 26.

They also hit the mountainous areas of Sierra Nevada with whiteouts that prompted road closures.

Weather forecasters are expecting another storm on Tuesday and Wednesday to bring moderate rain.

State officials said California can otherwise expect dry conditions for the remainder of January.

Although the storms filled up some lakes like this one in Santa Barbara, almost the entire state remains under moderate or severe drought conditions.

Officials are urging Californians to continue conserving water, saying reservoir levels were still below average for this time of year.