Christmas tree farms are selling out in Australia

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Drone footage above Australia on Sunday showed rows upon rows of live Christmas trees, ready to bring cheer to those who celebrate the holiday.

But with Christmas just three weeks away, farmers told Reuters they've had to close shop due to record demand for the home-grown pines to brighten up an otherwise tough year.

Some orders have even been placed for 2021.

William Cappello owns Willy's Christmas Tree Farms:

"Over the 20 years we have never sold out of trees, we close on the 23rd of December every year. This year we will be closing early because we will have no trees."

It's only a fitting end to a year when shopping patterns have been wildly uneven due to COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. Brick-and-mortar stores have reported slumps in foot traffic, while online and grocery retailers have experienced a revenue boom. Now, Christmas trees are selling out.

Greg Roffey sells them:

"It's been a tough year for everybody and really, a tree makes a difference. Fresh smell in that house and it just is much better than one of the artificial trees."

It can take four years to grow an eight-foot pine, which makes it hard for tree sellers to meet any sudden change in demand, Willy's owner said.

Another farm owner west of Sydney said she has already sold out and is now taking reservations for next year.

Shoppers say they want to end the long year with something cheerful:

"2020's been just an awful, awful year for everybody so just to try and make something a little bit nicer is always nice and what's not nicer than Christmas. Christmas is just wonderful."