Four Children Found Alive in Amazon 40 days After Surviving Plane Crash

1 年前

Colombia’s ministry of defense said the country’s military rescued four children on June 9, who had been found alive more than a month after their plane crashed in the Amazon jungle.

The siblings, ages 13, nine, four, and a one-year-old baby, were on board the plane along with their mother when it crashed on May 1. Their mother, a pilot, and co-pilot all died in the crash.

The children were thought to have left the wreckage alive and wandered from the crash site. During the initial search, rescuers recovered a number of items left behind by the children, including a drinks bottle, a pair of scissors, a hair tie, and a makeshift shelter.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro said finding the children after weeks of searching was “a joy for the whole country.”

The defense ministry said the children were airlifted out of the jungle and transported hospital to be assessed by a medical team. Credit: Colombian Defense Ministry via Storyful