'Miracle' as Toddler Rescued From Collapsed Building After Deadly Quake

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Rescuers in Syria continued to search through rubble on February 8, as the death toll from a powerful earthquake and multiple aftershocks surpassed 11,000 in Turkey and Syria.

Footage shot on February 6, after the first earthquake, shows members of the Syria Civil Defence digging to reach a child who had been buried alive in a collapsed building. “Miracles are repeated and the takbeers [chants praising God] embrace the sky again. Moments filled with joy as the child ‘Karam’ was rescued from the rubble of a destroyed house in the village of Armanaz, in Idlib countryside, on the first day of the earthquake,” the organization said.

According to Syrian health authorities, at least 1,262 were dead in the wake of the earthquakes by Wednesday. However, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) gave a higher figure, saying 1,331 people had died in areas controlled by the Syrian government, and a further 1,420 in rebel-held areas.

The latest figure for confirmed deaths in Turkey reached more than 9,000, Anadolu Agency reported. Credit: Syria Civil Defence via Storyful