Salvadoran volcano spews ash into sky

STORY: Drone footage captured by the Salvadoran government showed the volcano spewing a massive column of smoke from its crater on Sunday (November 27).

The volcano, located near the southern coast of the Central American country, has increased its activity in the last two weeks. Still, local authorities have said Chaparrastique has not shown yet shown worrisome changes, after diverse measurements were done with mobile and already installed equipment in the area.

The authorities have established a security perimeter within a three-kilometer radius of the crater. Tourist and agricultural activities in the area have also been suspended.

Members of the local civilian protection team said a team is constantly monitoring the volcano and alerting the neighboring population to stay away from the area. They are in constant communication with locals, in case an evacuation is required.

From November 15 to November 26, the volcano accounted for 160 explosions.