Snail skin therapy gains popularity in Syria

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STORY: Would you try a snail facial?

Location: Damascus, Syria

Skincare specialist Mohammed al-Haffar and his sister Riham

offer slimy facial treatments at their beauty center in Damascus

(Riham Al-Haffar, Skincare specialist)

"It is a new technique that is being introduced to Syria. There was a huge turnout because people are willing to return to natural, pure and organic things because chemicals always have side effects."

Al-Haffar imports albino snail eggs and raises them in a humid environment

He now owns about 1,500 snails which he lends to other local beauty centers

Some believe snail slime can boost collagen and moisturize the skin

but there has been no significant scientific research proving its benefits

"I have tried it abroad and it was very useful for me. My skin became softer, and my pores became smaller. I was so happy to see that they have snail therapy in this center and I will do this regularly."