Amazon workers walkout over climate, office policies

STORY: Some Amazon workers walked out in Seattle over moves they say were 'in the wrong direction'

They are protesting Amazon's climate policy, layoffs, and a return-to-office mandate

[Kevin Freitas / Amazon Employee]

"I'm out here to support everyone at Amazon who believes we can just do better. You know, we can do better on the environment, we can do better on personal choice, and family and work balance. It's real simple."

[Ammar Hussein / Amazon Employee]

"We are not involved in discussions related to big decisions related to the company, there are no transparency with the company's policies. We want Amazon to do better. We want warehouse workers to have better conditions, we want responsibility towards climate problems and climate impact."

An Amazon spokesperson said the company is pushing hard to cut its carbon emissions

They also said Amazon listens to employee feedback

and was happy with the collaboration that arose from its return-to-office policy