Baghdad's historic homes are crumbling

STORY: Baghdad’s heritage homes are crumbling

This 100-year-old building is one of

2,500 remaining historic houses

Although many are protected

by the government

owners struggle to carry out the

often expensive renovations

(Dhikra Sarsam, Burj Babel Initiative)

"A few of these houses have the specific columns and inscriptions that classify it as a grade-A heritage home. This is why we see it as a huge loss for future generations who will see their city void of any landmarks that reflect its identity and document its history."

But rising real estate prices also

encourage illicit demolitions

(Dhikra Sarsam, Burj Babel Initiative)

"There was a fire here, it's obvious. We were called in and told the house was getting destroyed, you can see what caused the destruction, it surely did not collapse on its own, there was definitely an outside hand in it."

Despite the challenges, Sarsam works to raise

awareness of the need to preserve old Baghdad