Derna residents trying to 'bring life back' to the city

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STORY: Two residents of Derna, Libya hug in a

damaged supermarket as it is being cleaned

The flood that hit here left thousands

dead and swept away whole districts

(Mohamed al-Ghoeil, Brother of supermarket owner)

"Everyone is cleaning their shops, homes, yards and streets. Some good people got us some (cleaning) tools, as you see them here... and we distributed them everywhere amid a complete absence of the government. For real, there is a total absence of the state to reassure citizens. Citizens are afraid of what will happen. People are on the streets, some people are in shelters, in schools, and some went to neighboring areas, may they be blessed."

Residents who spoke to Reuters said they

were trying to ‘bring life back’ to the city

This is Khaled al-Fortas, who was with some of

his children clearing debris from his house

(Khaled al-Fortas, Derna resident)

"We came to do whatever we can and clean, to bring life back again. Derna is very dear, we love it."