Doodle art champion out-scribbles the competition

STORY: This woman is 2023's world champion of doodling

Chiara Croce of Italy has out-scribbled dozens of national winners from around the world

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winning the World Final of the Red Bull Doodle Art competition

[Chiara Croce, Winner]

''The final was great. I met really a lot of new people also around the world...And I didn't expect really that I would win. And because the other participants are really, really talented.

The UK's 'Mr Doodle' Sam Cox sat on the expert judging panel

[Sam Cox, Doodle artist and judge]

''I always feel like the strongest ones are the ones that feel like they were created very naturally, like almost, you know, without a sketch or not sort of thought about too much. Just ones that feel like they have a nice shape to them and they're just kind of flowing by themselves, instinctively.''

The contest has attracted more than 120,000 entries, according to Red Bull

The organizer hopes it can ‘empower a new generation of artists'