Frappart makes soccer history after 92-year wait

STORY: Stephanie Frappart has become a moment in history that’s been 92 years in the making

by becoming the first woman to take charge of a men's World Cup finals game

during Costa Rica's Group E match against Germany.

It was yet another achievement in Frappart’s illustrious career

who began officiating youth games at the age of 13 in France.

[Stephanie Frappart, Referee]

"I felt enormous emotion because it wasn’t particularly expected, that I would be picked. So I feel a lot of pride, a lot of honor, to represent France at the World Cup."

Frappart had already entered the history books in 2019

when she became the first woman to referee a French Ligue 1 match.

The same year, she became the first woman to officiate in a major men's European match

In 2020, it was a Champions League match

and a year later - a FIFA World Cup qualifier.

[Stephanie Frappart, Referee]

"The first thing will be all the emotions of returning to the World Cup stadium, packed with a large crowd and plenty of expectations. But after that, I’ll be focused on the pitch because we need to make the correct decisions and perform well by concentrating on the primary objective on the pitch."

Frappart has been honored as ‘World's Best Woman Referee’ three times

An award given by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

Location: Herblay-sur-Seine, France

The Frenchwoman, whose passion for football came from her father

is seen as a 'star' in her hometown.

[Dominique Edeyer, Herblay-sur-Seine resident]

"To me it's a source of pride and it's a step forward for our rights, in allowing women to occupy more positions that are given in priority to men."