French museum offers chance to drive famous movie cars

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STORY: Ever wanted to drive the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’?

Or a ‘Fast and Furious’-style muscle car?

French car collector Franck Galiegue opened a museum

offering the chance to drive in vehicles from famous movies

Location: Etrechy, France

(Franck Galiegue, Pop Central museum owner)

"I always wanted to do something which looks like a museum because it's the only word that I see for that. But I don't like the fact that it's all immobile, dead, I wanted it alive. That's why everybody can drive the cars, can take them outside for a ride, on our private field or on the open road. So it was my wish that this place be lively, where people can take the seat of actors and pretend to be Paul Walker or Michael J. Fox in their cars."

(Gabriel, Visitor)

“First of all, I love movie cars. I also came because I love this car. Because it’s a Supra MK4 and it’s my dream car. It’s a Japanese drift car and I love it.”