Gaza teacher offers online classes for children

10 個月前

STORY: This Palestinian teacher offers online classes for kindergartners

whose families can’t afford to pay preschool tuition fees

Location: Nuseirat Camp, Gaza

Kitham Abu Awad teaches nearly 300 children across the Gaza Strip

who use their parents' electronic devices to attend classes

(Khitam Abu Awad, Online kindergarten teacher)

"A large percentage of children do not go to kindergartens due to financial circumstances. I thought why don't we have an online kindergarten in Gaza to cater to this group of children? Many people tell me, "God willing, you will open a real kindergarten." But I tell them no, because my goal is to support this specific group, the children who cannot go to kindergartens due to difficult financial situations. Honestly, I support mothers. For example, at 12 o'clock, the mothers are ready, along with their children, waiting for the educational session."

In Gaza, an average preschool costs 200 shekels ($52) per month

Abu Awad’s online kindergarten costs 10 shekels ($2.6) a month

(Heba Quffa, Mother)

"I am the parent of Zeina Quffa, who is enrolled in the online kindergarten. I registered her due to our economic situation. Regular kindergartens require fees, books, transportation, and other expenses. So, I decided to register her in the online kindergarten, and she has benefited greatly from it."