Generation AI: Meta's many chatbots

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STORY: From why Mark Zuckerberg thinks you can never have too many chatbots, to what former Apple designer Jony Ive is dreaming up now, this is Generation AI.

Meta has unveiled a host of new chatbots that will work in its social media applications.

"Meta AI is your basic assistant, right, that you can talk to like a person. You can message Meta AI and any of the messaging apps WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram direct.”

Meta says other bots will have the personalities of celebrities including snowboarding champion Chloe Kim.

Boss Mark Zuckerberg also rolled out new AI products including a mixed reality headset and Ray-Ban smart glasses.

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI could be teaming up with former Apple designer Jony Ive.

That’s according to the Financial Times.

It says they’re in talks to build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence” - fueled by funding from Japanese conglomerate SoftBank.

Discussions were said to be 'serious’, but the report added it could be months before a venture is formally announced.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella says tech giants are in a battle.

It’s for the vast troves of data needed to train AI.

Nadella was testifying in an antitrust case against Google.

He complained Google is locking up content with expensive and exclusive deals with publishers.

There’s a new prediction from SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son.

The major tech investor says he bets AI surpassing human intelligence in most areas will come within ten years - and he thinks that’s just the start.

Son says “Artificial Super Intelligence” will come in 20 years, and exceed human ability by a factor of 10,000.

And LinkedIn is the latest to tap into AI technology.

The tech will allow recruiters to find job candidates by asking questions using natural language.

The Microsoft-owned social network has been using tech from ChatGPT-creator OpenAI to develop the features.