Israel's weekend mass protests still going strong

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STORY: Protester Tamir Guy Tsabary said peace with Saudi Arabia "is very important" and that Israelis are looking forward to it. "But the feeling over here in the streets, among the people, the citizenship, is that Netanyahu is using these talks in order to get a hold of the country much stronger and not really he is bringing peace," Tsabary added.

Allon Pratt said he has been joining the demonstrations every weekend in hope to protect the country, explaining it was "because I have a commitment toward my parents, grandparents and further up my ancestory, and because I have an obligation for my children and my grandchildren."

Following months of uproar against the overhaul plans proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right coalition, the latest legislation put forward, an amendment to one of Israel's basic laws, removes the court's power to strike down government decision's or appointments on the basis of being "unreasonable."

Proponents say the judicial overhaul plans would restore balance to the branches of authority but critics say it removes vital checks on government powers.

Amid the domestic outrage, Netanyahu said on Friday he believed his country was on the cusp of peace with Saudi Arabia, predicting it could be clinched by U.S. President Joe Biden and reshape the Middle East.