Russian rockets hit Kharkiv, Kyiv says 'ready' for attack

STORY: Russian missiles struck the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Sunday, one of them shattering a residential building.

That's according to local officials. One resident, Lyudmyla Krylova, said she'd been living in the apartment block for only four months after being evacuated from another city.

She told Reuters she was at home, there was a strong blast, and furniture fell on her and her friend, who was injured by glass.

Another missile struck the city's university. One of the school's directors told Reuters three floors of the building were destroyed.

The strikes come as Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov on Sunday said the country was ready for a possible Russian offensive this month.

Ukraine has been readying for a new Russian assault, possibly timed to the one-year anniversary of what Moscow calls a "special military operation," when it sent its forces streaming over Ukraine's borders.

Ukrainian fighters managed to force Russia to retreat first from the capitol, Kyiv, and later from swaths of occupied territory in the east. But Moscow conscripted hundreds of thousands of civilians into what is expected to be a new campaign.

Western allies have pledged weapons to help Kyiv resist the expected attack. Reznikov said some of the hardware isn't going to arrive on time, but stated Ukraine was ready, and would be able to hold back the attack.

But this German-made howitzer in the Donbas is already in the fight. It's staffed by two Ukrainian brothers who trained in Germany, and told Reuters that Russian infantry were creeping forward.

Reconnaissance relayed coordinates, and the brothers fired at the targets.

Between lobbing shells at invaders, they shoot texts to their worried parents, reassuring them both sons are alive and well.