How are soccer fans coping at almost beer-free World Cup?

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STORY: (Soccer fan) “For me it's tradition - having a beer, watching a game, enjoying the game with friends.”

How are soccer fans coping at the almost alcohol-free World Cup in Qatar?

(Soccer fan) "For the moment we’re just enjoying the tournament without beer.”

Two days before the first match kicked off, FIFA reversed the decision to sell alcohol at stadiums

While beer is still available at designated World Cup fan zones and in some hotels

the hassle and the cost of finding alcohol are simply too much for some fans

(Soccer fan) "It's different, it's different. Certainly, a small beer would be good, especially because we (Belgium) are the biggest beer producer in the world. And we have the best beer. So, to not have beer here is a shame."

(Soccer fan) "It's a bit, ah, normally you come here, you enter, you drink a beer and you go to the match. Now it will be cola or something like that. It's a pity, but it's like this."

Others seem to understand that, for this tournament, old habits have to be put on hold

(Soccer fan) “There’s beer in the fan zone but it wasn’t the aim of the trip and I can do without alcohol for a week.”

(Soccer fan) "I don't mind a non-alcoholic beer. Prices are up, but it's a party. As you can see, we're all together. There's not a lot of shouting or anything. I think it's for the better. It's the future, maybe!"

(Soccer fan) “Hey – we’re here, the weather's beautiful, it's a great atmosphere. We're going to enjoy the game, so we're going to make the best of it."