WH says Tesla chargers could be eligible for federal dollars

STORY: In yet another win for Elon Musk's Tesla in the battle over electric-vehicle chargers...

...the White House on Friday said EV charging stations using Tesla's standard plugs would be eligible for billions of dollars in federal subsidies... as long as they ALSO include the national combined charging system, or CCS charging standard connection.

On Twitter, which Musk owns, the Tesla CEO said in a post that it would be "ideal" for Tesla chargers to only need CCS adapters to meet federal charging standards.

The statement from the White House is the first time the Biden administration has directly connected Tesla to its efforts to spend up to $7.5 billion to build new, high-speed chargers along thousands of miles of the nation's busiest highways.

The news follows announcements from major U.S. automakers Ford and General Motors, saying they were adopting the Tesla model of charging, known as the North American Charging Standard.

Barra: "I'm really excited to announce our collaboration with you and with Tesla..."

On Thursday, GM CEO Mary Barra announced the deal on Twitter Spaces with Musk:

“We have a real opportunity here to really drive this to be the unified standard for North America, which I think will even enable more mass adoption. So I couldn't be more excited."

Already the world's most valuable automaker, Tesla has added more than $200 billion to its market value since announcing the charging tie-up with Ford in late May.

The partnership among the three U.S. auto giants ensures that more than 60% of the country's EV market can access Tesla's charging standard.

Shares of Tesla jumped 4% on Friday and have climbed for 11-straight sessions, tying the longest winning-streak for the stock in the company's history.