American does crime reconstruction showing how he killed his Thai wife

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An American former fugitive showed police on Saturday 8 May how he killed his four-months pregnant Thai wife. Jason Matthew Balzer, 30, cried as he used a kitchen spatula to demonstrate how he repeatedly stabbed Pitchaporn Kidchob, 32, in the chest as she lay on a bed at their home in Nan, northern Thailand, on May 2. Wearing a motorcycle helmet and bullet-proof vest, he then showed how he put her body into a green wheelie bin and drove away before dumping it in a nearby ditch. He fled the next day when confronted by Pitchaporn's worried mother. Balzer was arrested on Thursday evening (May 6) after he fled to neighbouring Chiang Mai province sparking a police manhunt for him and his missing wife. The American, who jumped bail on assault charges in Longmont, Colorado, in 2019, allegedly confessed to killing petite Pitchaporn because he was angry at her for complaining about him spending money on a new motorcycle. Police said he also liked to spend money on drones and other gadgets, leading to arguments with his wife. Police Lieutenant General Prachuab Wongsuk, Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 5, said that police and prosecutors wanted to gather evidence for the strongest charges against him, to seek the maximum punishment -- the death penalty. The policeman said: ‘Jason met Pitchaporn in Phuket while he was on holiday and he then married her. They moved back to her home town. ‘However, they had a lot of arguments lately. The offender eventually snapped when she scolded him. She demanded that he should leave her alone. 'Jason stabbed her twice before taking her body to a forest to get rid of the evidence. He hid the corpse inside a bin and put it on the back of a pickup truck. 'The bin was sealed with tapes and placed in a specific spot where bushes concealed everything. He fled to Chiang Mai to stay with his friends, since the province has more foreigners than Nan, allowing him to blend in.’ Balzer first met Pitchaporn in Phuket in 2017. They were married in Thailand in 2018 before travelling on holiday in the US. They continued seeing each other while Balzer travelled between the two countries. However, Balzer was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the US after allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend with a gun after trying to have sex with her and she refused. The charges were later downgraded to physical assault. He was released on bond for physical assault in Longmont, Colorado in December 2019. He then fled to Thailand and set up home with Pitchaporn at the start of 2020.
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