Baby raccoons found living inside swimming pool cabana in Toronto

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1 年前
A family of raccoons were relocated after they were found living in a swimming pool cabana in Toronto. The wildlife officials first remove the babies from the nest, encouraging the mother to leave soon after. The filmer told Newsflare: "Upon arrival, our customer let us know that they had seen a raccoon entering their pool cabana and had heard what they thought to be babies crying. As we climbed up into the attic space of the cabana, we witnessed a very 'laid back' mother raccoon. "This mother was in the process of feeding her babies and was quite content letting us watch. We managed to videotape this unique moment that we rarely have the opportunity to witness! We were in awe with how unbothered she was with our close presence. We allowed her to finish feeding before attempting to collect her babies. "Once outside, mom was in a hurry to run off so we placed all four of her babies in our heated reunion box on the roof of the cabana. Over the next two nights, mom returned and collected three of her four babies. The fourth baby was successfully surrogated to another raccoon mom at a job nearby." This footage was filmed in April 2019.
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